Interim Management

There are many reasons why an interim manager may be needed. When a project lacks capacity in the core team, a manager has dropped out, or you face a situation of upheaval or growth, all of these are situations when you’ll need additional hands on deck.

At your request, we can assume operational responsibility for your business in whichever area you need extra support: Delivering measures, leading (large scale-) projects and performance programs, bridging management bottlenecks or serving as an interim Managing Director.

Recent Case Studies

Performance Improvement
in E-commerce

We helped an online retailer triple its operating profit. To achieve this, we helped introduce new products, renegotiate purchasing conditions, completely rethought shipping and returns, as well as additional new customer channels.
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Lean Management in finance

We streamlined Finance processes for the CFO of an international group, consisting of about 50 companies. We introduced quarterly financial statements within a very short timeframe, shortened the length of time it took to prepare the annual accounts by 3.5 months and reduced the group’s audit costs by 30% – while at the same time cutting overtime to zero.
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