Corona Support Services

The timeline of the corona crisis and governmental lockdown measures is still unclear. With our Corona Support Services, we would like to help you navigate your company through the crisis – and out of it again – safely and in a way that preserves its substance.

Corona Support Services

The mainstay for this is full transparency of your company’s liquidity situation, as you can only make the right decisions with a precise picture of your financial leeway and weak links. 

To ensure solvency in the coming months, it makes sense to know the impact of different scenarios (L/U/V/W/root) on your firm. On this basis, we will develop measures together, such as short-term cost reduction, and implement them with you. Also, we will look into potential contributions from governmental aids or the use of tax reliefs in the context of the Corona crisis.


  • Introduction of „Cash governance“ as a basis for all managerial decisions during the crisis
  • Rolling 13-15 weeks liquidity forecast for daily steering & weekly reporting
  • Risk weighting of all cash-ins & identification of unneeded cash-outs
  • Assessment of financial leeway


  • Analysis of the specific impact of different crisis scenarios (L/U/V/W/root)
  • Modelling of liquidity development in the next 18 months as a stress test


  • Identification of profound, quick implementation cost measures, in co-operation with all stakeholders


  • Assessment of requirement for state aids, fiscal reliefs, short-time allowances, guarantees, etc.
  • Support in application and communication
  • Preparation and documentation of business plan, reflecting measures in implementation


  • Measure monitoring: “who does what until when?” and proactive implementation support
  • Implementation of working capital management and cost measures


  • After (!) securing liquidity / solvency
  • Put business model under scrutiny – strategically, operationally and tactically
  • Macro and micro perspective to be assessed

ProduCt iN focus

Liquidity planning & transparency

In the Corona crisis, decision-makers must make it their top priority to secure the substance of their company.

Conditions need to be created to drive “on sight”, very operational, with a strong focus on liquidity; without losing sight of the big picture – which is what we call “cash governance”. To this end, we set up a rolling 13-15 week liquidity planning, so that we can manage on a daily basis. We set up a process with you to evaluate cash-ins from receivables and order book and perform a continuous risk weighing. In this manner, we find critical weak links and identify cash-outs that are not absolutely necessary in the short term. 

With our methodology, we are able to accurately assess your financial leeway and are able to implement targeted measures such as working capital management and cost measures.

ProduCt iN FoCus

Financing & State-Aid Support

To dampen the economic effects of the corona lockdown measures, extensive financing programs are available from German federal and state governments – which also applies in comparable fashion to many other countries in Europe. The available programs have been expanding steadily in recent weeks.

Obtaining corona financing assistance is by no means “for free”. Additional debt financing will lead to higher debt service in the future, taxes or rents will only be deferred, and short-time working allowance may have an effect on employee motivation. 

We support you in calculating the financing requirements closely in order to keep future burdens on the company low – tightly linked to liquidity planning. In the application process, we work with you to create a business plan that provides an overall picture of the company’s situation – and guide you through the application and administration processes.